Condos VS Apartments – What’s The Difference?

If you are looking to buy or rent a small place, a residential place, you will eventually stumble upon the two options, condos, and apartments. This article is supposed to help you pick the best one based on your needs and especially on your budget. Condos and apartments are among the most common residential places, […]

What To Do About Germs In Your Apartment

If you live in an apartment, you will probably stumble over this problem. You will think that cleaning will do the job properly when, in fact, there are a lot of places where you would never expect to find germs at all. There was an episode at Myth Busters where they were testing to see whether the kitchen or the bathroom has the most germs. Guess what they found out? The kitchen is the one that had the most germs. In fact, most bathrooms are usually cleaner than your kitchen. For instance, many Deerfield Il apartments have the bigger bathroom for this reason.