What To Do About Germs In Your Apartment

If you live in an apartment, you will probably stumble over this problem. You will think that cleaning will do the job properly when, in fact, there are a lot of places where you would never expect to find germs at all. There was an episode at Myth Busters where they were testing to see whether the kitchen or the bathroom has the most germs. Guess what they found out? The kitchen is the one that had the most germs. In fact, most bathrooms are usually cleaner than your kitchen. For instance, many Deerfield Il apartments have the bigger bathroom for this reason.

So what is the purpose of this article? First of all, it is trying to teach you how to dismiss a few myths to live a better and healthier and overall happier life.

First of all, the five-second rule is a good myth to begin with. A lot of us have heard it from our grandparents or even our parents, even though it is the perfect example of popular belief gone wrong. This rule says that if you drop something on the floor yet pick it up in less than 5 seconds, it will not gather any germs at all. There have been enough studies about it, and even though they did not manage to find a straight correlation between the food that is thrown on the ground and how long it has been sitting, they did find a correlation between how dry the food is. They have found out, in fact, that wet food picks up bacteria faster than dry food, but the 5-second rule is not necessarily true.

Another one is closing the toilet lid. Your friends or your family must have told you that when you flush the toilet, a lot of bacteria will spread around the bathroom, which will in turn contaminate your toothbrush, for instance. All the studies that have been made have proved that, to a certain extent, this is true, which means that you should indeed try to move your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible. If you have not already noticed, most landlords in apartments for rent in Deerfield Il do this.

Another one says that sponges are full of germs. This can be in fact true since it is an obvious fact as well. However, it does not mean that you cannot clean your sponges as often as possible, thus ensuring the fact that they will remain as clean as possible. Beware: most apartments for rent do not give you sponges.

Living in an apartment will give you a lot of headaches. However, one of the most important ones is obviously related to hygiene. Try to make sure that you will keep your bathroom and your kitchen as clean as possible, and you will have the possibility of living a healthy and clean life as well.